A new maintainer and Sinatra 2.0.6!

By Kunpei Sakai on Monday, August 21, 2019

We would like to inform you that we have released Sinatra v2.0.6. Not only that, but we also have a great news for us!

Before we begin to touch release note, I want to introduce the great news.

Welcome to the team, Jordan!

Please join me in welcoming Jordan Owens to the core team on Sinatra! He has already done a lot of contributions on our projects, including sinatra, sinatra-contrib and rack-protection. As you can see, the achievements he has made are very enormous. I’m convinced that by welcoming him to the team, Sinatra will become more wonderful.

Sinatra has a schedule for major renovations for v3.0.0, and I expect Jordan to show strong leadership and his great technical skill in that milestone.

Once more, welcome to the team, Jordan!


This release includes the release of the following gems:

  • sinatra: v2.0.6
  • sinatra-contrib: v2.0.6
  • rack-protection: v2.0.6


Find out what’s new in v2.0.6 in CHANGELOG

Thank you

Thank you everyone who has contributed over the years to this project, and continues to ensure it lives on. In addition, want to give a special thanks to the key contributor for this release: @304

Join us

We are looking for fellows like Jordan who can actively help with our development. I would be pleased if you could actively triage bugs on github, help with issues, and cooperate for v3.0.0.