Sinatra v2.1.0

By Kunpei Sakai on Monday, September 05, 2020

Today we would like to inform you that we have released Sinatra v2.1.0. It’s a big milestore for us and contains some bug fixes and new features.


This release includes the release of the following gems:

  • sinatra: v2.1.0
  • sinatra-contrib: v2.1.0
  • rack-protection: v2.1.0

Key Updates

Ruby 2.2. support was dropped

Ruby 2.2 support is dropped from this version. We will no longer check the operation on Ruby 2.2. Please upgrade your ruby version if you’re still using Ruby 2.2.

Migrating from Thin to Rainbows in our development environment

From this version, we migrated from thin to rainbows in our development environment. This does not mean that the stream block will be immediately broken. The change was triggered by the removal of the thin handler in rack, but in fact thin hasn’t been maintained for a long time.

Rainbows on the stream feature

Our stream feature has been tested by thin for many years. From this version, it is replaced with rainbows. This does not mean that the stream block will be immediately broken by thin.

However, we recommend migrating to rainbows if you want to use the stream feature. Please have a look at our README to know how to integrate with Rainbows.


Find out what’s new in v2.1.0 in CHANGELOG

Thank you

Thank you everyone who has contributed over the years to this project, and continues to ensure it lives on. In addition, want to give a special thanks to the key contributor for this release: @rkmathi

Join us

We are looking for fellows who can actively help with our development. I would be pleased if you could actively triage bugs on github, help with issues, and cooperate for v3.0.0.