This extension is part of the Sinatra::Contrib project. Run gem install sinatra-contrib to have it available.


Ensure required query parameters


Set required query parameter keys in the argument. It'll halt with 400 if required keys don't exist.

get '/simple_keys' do
  required_params :p1, :p2

Complicated pattern is also fine.

get '/complicated_keys' do
  required_params :p1, :p2 => [:p3, :p4]

Classic Application

In a classic application simply require the helpers, and start using them:

require "sinatra"
require "sinatra/required_params"

# The rest of your classic application code goes here...

Modular Application

In a modular application you need to require the helpers, and then tell the application to use them:

require "sinatra/base"
require "sinatra/required_params"

class MyApp < Sinatra::Base
  helpers Sinatra::RequiredParams

  # The rest of your modular application code goes here...