Maintenance Policy for Sinatra

The sinatra team develops according to the following rules.

Kind of versions

Patch version

Mostly bug fixes. However, a simple feature that does not break backward compatibility may be added.

Minor version

Includes release of new features and bugfixes.

Major Version

Includes release of new features, updates of features that break backwards compatibility and bugfixes. Changes may include more drastic changes than a Minor version update.


Security Fixes

In the event of a serious vulnerability, the sinatra core team will release a new patch version prioritizing this rather than adding other functions or fixing bugs In light of the influence of Sinatra, backport will also be done in past versions.

Examples: rack-protection: 1.5.5, 2.0.1. sinatra: 2.0.2

Release Timing

Sinatra constantly releases the patch version. This is effective for releasing the contributions from our community and getting feedback with detailed glanularity

Major Release

This is done when bringing significant changes to sinatra, as when sinatra upgrades to 2.0. There is no clear release standard for this.

Examples: sinatra-2.0.0