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The Amazing Mustermann

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This repository contains multiple projects (each installable as separate gems).

Git versions with Bundler

You can easily use the latest edge version from GitHub of any of these gems via Bundler:

git '' do
  gem 'mustermann'
  gem 'mustermann-rails'

Pattern Types

The identity, regexp and sinatra types are included in the mustermann gem, all the other types have their own gems.

Type Example Compatible with Notes
cake /:prefix/** CakePHP
express /:prefix+/:id(\d+) Express, pillar.js
flask /<prefix>/<int:id> Flask, Werkzeug
identity /image.png any software using strings Exact string matching (no parameter parsing).
pyramid /{prefix:.*}/{id} Pyramid, Pylons
rails /:slug(.:ext) Ruby on Rails, Journey, HTTP Router, Hanami, Scalatra (if configured), NYNY
regexp /(?<slug>[^\/]+) Oniguruma, Onigmo, regular expressions Created when you pass a regexp to
Does not support expanding or generating templates.
shell /*.{png,jpg} Unix Shell (bash, zsh) Does not support expanding or generating templates.
simple /:slug.:ext Sinatra (1.x), Scalatra, Dancer, Finatra, Spark, RCRouter, kick.js Implementation is a direct copy from Sinatra 1.3.
It is the predecessor of sinatra. Does not support expanding or generating templates.
sinatra /:slug(.:ext)? Sinatra (2.x), Padrino (>= 0.13.0), Pendragon, Angelo This is the default and the only type "invented here".
It is a superset of simple and has a common subset with template (and others).
uri-template /{+pre}/{page}{?q} RFC 6570, JSON API, JSON Home Documents and many more Standardized URI templates, can be generated from most other types.

Any software using Mustermann is obviously compatible with at least one of the above.


Mustermann depends on tool (which has been extracted from Mustermann and Sinatra 2.0), and a Ruby 2.1 compatible Ruby implementation.

It is known to work on MRI 2.1.

JRuby will hopefully be supported with the release of JRuby 9000.

Rubinius is not currently supported. As of Rubinius 2.3.1, a large portion of the specs pass (3870 out of 3943), but certain parts are not working yet.

If you need Ruby 1.9 support, you might be able to use the unofficial mustermann19 gem based on namusyaka's fork.

Release History

Mustermann follows Semantic Versioning 2.0. Anything documented in the README or via YARD and not declared private is part of the public API.

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